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Suffering a serious injury or illness could change your lifestyle completely. How will you replace lost income, or cover the expenses of lifestyle adjustments? If you were to become permanently disabled or ill and unable to work again, total and permanent disability (TPD) cover provides a lump sum payment to help take the pressure off you and your family and enable you to remain financially stable. To discuss the level of TPD insurance that’s right for you, book a consultation with a professional TFS adviser.

About TPD Insurance

The definition of what a ‘total and permanent disability’ is will vary depending on the particular product and insurance policy you choose. 

Most companies allow you to choose whether you want coverage against:

  • Being unlikely to work again in your 'occupation’ following an illness or injury or,
  • Being unlikely to work again in 'any occupation’ following an illness or injury
Depending on the product you apply for, it is possible to combine TPD insurance with life cover and/or trauma insurance. It can provide funds to allow a family member to give up work to care for you/fund other home care, allow repayment of debts including mortgage, personal loans and credit cards or pay for any major renovations required to your home. 

TPD is the least claimed upon of all 4 types of insurance but may still form an integral part of an overall insurance plan.

How Much Insurance Is Enough?

Having the right amount of cover means that in the event of serious illness or injury, in combination with your Income Protection and Trauma insurance, you will be able to pay your lump sum debts or ongoing expenses. TPD may be owned in your super fund or in your own name. So you get to choose if your super fund pays the premiums or the cost comes out of your own cashflow.

Find TPD insurance that's right for you with TFS.

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